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 Racing usually takes place on an oval circuit laid out in a relativily flat field.

it is generally similar to Speedway with races usually taking place over 4 laps from a standing start. However unlike speedway with only 4 riders in a race Grasstrack racing can have many riders in each heat and the circuit is normally longer allowing higher speeds. A typical meeting will have many solo classes from 500cc laydown engines through to youth classes there is also a very strong vintage grasstrack scene with bikes upto 70 years old being raced in some races. There are also 3 sidecar classes often present 500c , 1000cc left hand sidecar and 1000cc right hand sidecar.

The Southend DMCC organise 1 grasstrack event a year at Latchingdon the 'donought' grass track, so called because our track is on the shorter side for events and we give donoughts for prizes at the end of the day !

Details of this years meeting will be on the front page of the website as announced.

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