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Results from our trials can be found on the main page.

Trials is a motorcycle discipline of Skill rather than speed ,

Riders are Observed over a set course (section) and lose marks according to how they do, 1 mark for one foot down 2 marks for 2 feet down , 3 for 3 or more feet down and a five for a total failure . Trials bikes are highly specialised and very light (modern 250cc machines can weigh under 160 lbs (70kgs)) There is also a very popular class for Classic bikes going back to the Heyday of the British motorcycle industry. (These bikes weigh a lot more than 160lbs !!!!) . Trials is a very family friendly sport with riders from as young as 4 years old comepting through to people in thier 70's. There is also a growing ladies scene with there own british chamionships 

The Southend Dmcc organise several trials a year at Poles Wood, Kelvedon Hatch. Results, directions, Photos and dates are all on the Home Page

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